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I studied piano in Thailand for 13 years, from the age of 10. But life changes resulted in 30 years of near hiatus, before I finally returned to the instrument I love. I began taking piano lessons with Ann in 2007, and with every lesson my appreciation of her grew. Ann is not only a splendid musician but also one of the best and most devoted teachers I know. When I do well, her joy is evident. When I get discouraged, she gives encouragement, and proves that I can do it if I would just give it a good try.   She taught me to listen deeply. Following her guidance, I surprised myself countless times when I suddenly was able to play what I thought was impossible before. 

Among the many classical pieces I studied with Ann are: Bach's Italian Concerto and Preludes and Fugues in C minor and D minor; Mozart's Piano Concerto # 20 in D minor and sonata K330 in C major; Beethoven's Piano sonata Op. 109 in E major; Schubert's Fantasie for Four Hands; various Chopin's Etudes; Schumann's Piano Concerto in A minor Opus 54, Fantasiestucke (Des Abends, Aufschwung); Liszt's Liebestraume; Brahm's three Intermezzi; Debussy's three Estampes; Ravel's Sonatine; and Rachmaninov's Russian Rhapsody for Four Hands.


Ann constantly pushes me towards more challenges and more opportunities while also being cognizant of my own needs and desires as an amateur adult pianist. I consider her not only my teacher but also my friend, and I am grateful for all that she has given me over the years.

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