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             Private Lesson Piano Studio Recitals


 As always my students participated in Winter and Summer 2016 Piano Recitals so they can show their progress in piano study and parents can enjoy their children performances on stage.

In the winter of 2017 ten of my students were awarded 4 Gold Medals and 6 Silver Medals at Sonata Festivals Conducted by CAMTA and SNMTA.

     I would like to Thank You  Merit School of Music for making this great

                                      Gottlieb Hall available for children.











  My special gratitude for the Parents who made this event possible because

                                      of love and dedication to their children.








I am happy to share the great news:


Two of my students - Dexter and Sydney - awarded the Gold Medals and

two - Luke and David - got Silver Medals at Sonata Festival conducted by CAMTA on January 29th 2017


Two of my students - Caroline and Brendan - awarded the Gold Medals and

four - Kayeman, Kiana, Sophia and Sadie - got Silver Medals at Sonata Festival conducted by NSMTA on February 12th, 2017.


Congratulation to all of them and to their parents with this big achievements!

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